Super Wizard Mulching Mower Slasher

With twin mulching rotors the Super Wizard can slash and mulch in one pass directing cut material to the rear or back under vines via a special 2 bolt deflector plate.

The Super Wizard is capable of operating at high speed with excellent results and low operating costs in all conditions.

Overall width 2 metres
Width of cut 1.8 metres
Number of blades 12
Number of rotors 2
Deck material 5mm grade 350 high tensile
Mower blades 100 x 13
Second layer of blades 75x12
Top layer blades 75x10
Rear wheels 400x8 solid rubber
Category mounting 1 and 2
Rotor gearboxes 75hp each
Divider box 80hp on rear mount - 130hp on dual mount
Side doors 10mm bisalloy
Deflector special design held with 2 or 3 of 1/2” bolts
Rear chain skirt standard 8mm high tensile
Top link mount special design pivot mount
Clutch 200mm adjustable fibre plate type
PTO shaft 6 series

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